The Chosen Profiles

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Other Names: Sunny Collins (b); Sonya

Physical Description: Caucasian; early-thirties; 5’9”; lean, athletic build; dark brown, slightly wavy hair; blue eyes. Two faint, silvery scars run down right cheek from temple to jaw; several similar scars run down upper right arm; back covered in a spider’s web of the same scars in varying thicknesses.

Personality traits: Cautious to the point of paranoia in social situations (human and Chosen); kind hearted, but vicious if cornered; struggles with maintaining control over her Chosen nature; fearless hunter.

Interests: Hunting, running, photography, reading, watching her daughter

Profession: Bartender

Chosen status: Unbound

Chosen age: Five years at the beginning of Watcher

Combined Chosen and human age: Thirty-eight

Human birthdate: October 10, 1969

Life pre-Chosen: Born and raised in California’s Central Valley; single mom at the age of 17; never married; one child, a daughter. Devoted soccer mom; worked as an administrative assistant and taking night classes to finish GED with goal of becoming a nurse at the time of her abduction and Change.


Other Names: Rusa Nicolao (b); Corvinus Nicolao; Captain Nicolas Corvin

Physical Description: Caucasian; early thirties; 6’3”; lean but well-muscled; raven black, slightly wavy hair; intense green eyes.

Personality traits: Highly intelligent; meticulous, manipulative, very controlling; strong preference for order; emotionally reserved, yet capable of deep passion; unusually compassionate toward humans (at least females); intolerant of injustice, cruelty, and abuse.

Interests: Collector of exotic cars, horses, books, musical instruments, gems, historical artifacts, medieval armor and weaponry. In spare time, develops topiary for his garden and participates in archeological digs. Excellent marksman, swordsman, and horseman.

Profession: Founder and Maker of the Pan-American (North, Central, and South America) Chosen lineage; CEO of multiple corporations; owner of Chosen nightclubs.

Chosen status: Maker, Pan-American lineage

Chosen age: Five hundred and nineteen years old at time of Watcher

Combined Chosen and human age: Five hundred and forty-six years old

Human birthdate: June 9, 1461

Life pre-Chosen: born and raised in Hungarian-controlled Romania; bastard son of Hungarian King Mattias Corvinus and a Romanian scullery maid in the castle of a Hungarian lord; mother died when Nicolas was three. Raised by servants; was working as a stable hand and being readied to take over as Master of the Horse when he was purchased by a visiting nobleman who then imprisoned and forced the Change upon him.


Other Names: Trace Pierre Tasman (b); The Tasmanian Devil; The Executioner

Physical Description: Native American and Caucasian; mid-twenties; 6’5”, 270 lbs. Body builder/WWE wrestler build. Native American coloring, with reddish brown skin and waist-length black hair; eyes light brown, almost golden in color.

Personality traits: Surly, impatient, ill-tempered and prone to violence. Keeps to himself except when working.

Interests: Native American history and music; shamanism; silversmithing and jewelry making; motorcycles

Profession: Hired enforcer for San Francisco elder, Alina Danesti; former cage fighting champion

Chosen status: Unbound

Chosen age: One hundred and sixty-six at time of Runner

Combined Chosen and human age: One hundred and ninety

Human birthdate: Late fall of 1818

Life pre-Chosen: Born and raised in Canada and Montana during fur trapper/mountain man era. Father Dutch/French Canadian; mother Cree. Childhood spent in trapper camps, forts, and Cree villages. Taught to read and write by fort priest. In adulthood, worked as a fur trapper, translator, and guide for various fur-trading companies. Was traveling to West Coast when attacked and seduced into the Change.


Other names: The Chameleon (birth name unknown)

Physical Description: Caucasian; late-twenties; 5’10”, medium to slender build; light brown hair, brown eyes. No real distinguishing features.

Personality traits: Intelligent, meticulous, steadfast, loyal; multi-talented socially and physically; speaks multiple languages; patient and very observant; unobtrusive and gifted with a talent for quietly integrating into social circles; can be very stealthy and able to move about without being noticed

Interests: Martial arts of all types; gardening with his wife; woodcrafting; glassblowing; history; reading; travel

Profession: Attorney with both Chosen and human clientele; undercover agent for Nicolas

Chosen status: Unbound

Chosen age: One hundred and forty-five

Combined Chosen and human age: One hundred and seventy-two

Human birthdate: September 9, 1836

Life pre-Chosen: Born and raised in Illinois; farmer prior to American Civil War. Company clerk in Union Army, then later lieutenant to Captain Nicolas Corvin; willingly accepted Chosen life when fatally wounded in battle.