Runner: Book II of The Chosen


Five hundred years has not been enough. Not nearly enough.

Not enough to prepare me for this agony that is beginning to split every molecule in my body. The cells scream as they come apart, matching the wail ripping away my vocal cords. Fire races up and down my veins, and my skin smolders, preparing to ignite.

I have driven her away yet again. And this time, I know it is forever.

Love comes with a price - especially among the undead.

Sunny Martin is on the run from a monster-the monster within herself. Since the night she was drained of her blood and left to die, she has lived alone and in fear of the beast and its violent urges, always on the move.

When a tumultuous affair with the mysterious leader of The Chosen ends in betrayal and murder, Sunny finds herself on the run once again. Heartbroken, she struggles with her desire to return to Nicolas, only to realize that sometimes you can never go back.

In the ensuing days, Sunny must face the death of someone she loves, and face the love of someone she fears--an outlaw Chosen even more dangerous than the one who broke her heart.