~ Watcher featured as Book of the Month!

A big THANK YOU to all the fans of Watcher and The Chosen series!

Watcher: Book I of The Chosen has been selected as the Book of the Month by ReadFree.ly!!

This is a pretty big deal. Not only will Watcher be featured on the ReadFree.ly website for the month of May, it will receive top billing in the ReadFree.ly newlsletter.

Even more awesome – as Book of the Month, Watcher will also receive a review from the moderators of the popular website!

Reviews can make or break a book. If a book doesn’t have enough reviews, promotional services won’t accept it into their programs. In addition, books with a small number of reviews are less likely to be purchased by readers.

So I’m pretty thrilled to gain another review, especially by a website that regularly reviews books of all genres.

Thanks again to all my readers – none of this would be possible without your support!








~ Watcher opportunities in March

This past month has seen me scrambling between constant travel for my day job and trying to keep up on my networking and marketing (and writing) for my author/publisher/marketer job.

Yeah, too many hats on this head.

But I’m happy to say that some of that hard work is paying off.

First off, I’ve been invited to participate in a very cool reading series for authors of dark fiction. Shades & Shadows is a Los Angeles-based organization devoted to increasing the visibility of speculative fiction and fostering the community of its readers and writers.

A big THANK YOU goes to Christina Enquist, author of The Immundus, for recommending me to the organizers and getting me on the program.

So on Saturday, March 24, we will join a group of spec fic writers reading from our works as part of the Shades & Shadows reading series. The event takes place at the Bearded Lady’s Mystic Museum in Burbank and starts at 8:00pm. Wine is on the program as well for those of you enjoy the blood of the grape with your entertainment.

And now for the second cool thing. This one needs YOUR help.

Watcher: Book I of The Chosen has been shortlisted on the popular ReadFree.ly newsletter to receive a review and be featured in their monthly newsletter.

However, this is a bit of a popularity contest, and Watcher needs your vote in order to win a review.

To cast your vote for Watcher, it’s a simple matter of visiting the website and clicking a button (the Watcher button ☺ ).

Here’s the link: http://www.readfree.ly/help-choose-our-next-book-of-the-month/

Voting concludes Thursday, March 29.

Thank you, and as always, thank you for your support!


~ New Release ~

Title: Dark Wine at Sunrise (A Hill Vampire Novel Book 2)

Release Date: March 14, 2018
Author: Jenna Barwin
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy Romance
Buy it on Amazon


~ ~ ~

“Sensual, sophisticated and sinfully addictive!” ~InD’tale Magazine

A seductive spy, a vampire winemaker, and their forbidden love…

Research scientist Cerissa Patel has only one desire: to feel her lover’s fangs slip into her neck for the very first time. Once they become blood mates, no one can keep them apart.

But it’s never that easy.

Cerissa’s relationship with vampire Henry Bautista violates a centuries-old law, and the town council wants her banned from their secret community. If they have their way, she’ll be separated from Henry forever.

As if that isn’t enough, Henry is still in danger. The would-be assassin lies in a coma, and Cerissa is no closer to knowing who targeted Henry—or why.

To make matters worse, her own people forbid her from becoming a vampire’s mate. They aren’t sure what Henry’s bite will do to her and want her focused on her original mission: tracking down the vampires behind a ruthless movement to enslave mortals.

Against these odds, Cerissa must find a way to bond with the man who holds her heart, and do so without paying the ultimate price – the loss of her wings forever…

~ ~ ~

Here’s an excerpt from Dark Wine at Sunrise:

Cerissa watched Henry move slowly to the speaker’s podium in the center of the council chamber. He wore a dark suit with a royal-blue tie, his long obsidian-black hair tied back in a neat ponytail. Her fingers itched to unleash it.

His beautiful copper-brown skin looked paler than it should. He held one hand across his stomach, protecting the area where silver bullets had been removed from his abdomen. Why hadn’t he healed by now?

The crowd began murmuring again while Henry limped to the podium. The mayor banged his gavel to quiet the crowd.

“Enrique Bautista Vasquez,” the mayor said, “how do you plead?”

Henry leaned forward to speak into the gooseneck microphone.

“Guilty,” he said, his Castilian accent heavy in his one-word answer. He sounded resigned to his fate.

“Do you have anything to say in your defense?”

Henry shook his head.

“Speak up—for the record.”

“No. Nothing.”

The mayor looked to his left. Frédéric nodded. He looked to his right. Rolf did the same. Carolyn and Liza both frowned, clearly not part of whatever agreement the other council members had reached.

“We have given this matter great consideration. As you know, this council reinstituted the Rule of Two because members of our community have been attacked.” The mayor paused, steepling his fingers together. “Now, we have a founder who has ignored our rules. The council, after much debate, has decided to bring back a traditional punishment, one we abandoned in favor of more modern methods. It’s apparent those modern methods aren’t a sufficient deterrent.”

The mayor tapped his steepled fingers together, taking time to sweep his gaze across the crowded council chambers.

“We are reinstituting the whipping post,” he said.


Cerissa froze in place, her pulse thudding, her mind racing, her heart crawling up her throat.

They can’t. I have to stop this. They can’t humiliate him because of me—

The mayor unfolded a piece of paper. “Enrique Bautista Vasquez. You are hereby fined two hundred thousand dollars and sentenced to a hundred lashes. The sentence will be carried out in the community amphitheater.”

What the f—? One hundred?

Could even a vampire survive that severe a whipping? Cerissa’s fingernails curled into her palms, cutting the skin.

This can’t be happening.

~ ~ ~

BUY NOW to escape into the mystery, romance, and political intrigue of the Hill Vampire vineyards. Dangerous and seductive, the suspense will grab you and not let go.

~ ~ ~

Other books in the series:

Dark Wine at Midnight (A Hill Vampire Novel Book 1)

A seductive spy. An alpha vampire. A deadly assassin after them both…

Research scientist Cerissa Patel must find a way to save humanity without revealing what’s hidden beneath her skin. But her cover story isn’t enough to fool vampire Henry Bautista—he’s dark, dangerous, and will do anything to protect his town, including stopping her.

“Dangerous, sexy, and gripping!” ~InD’tale Magazine

~ ~ ~

Jenna Barwin writes the Hill Vampire Vineyard novels, which blend mystery, wine, and romantic spice into a heady combination. When not writing, she enjoys underwater photography, and is known to occasionally attend a Victorian dance in full regalia right down to pantaloons and a hoop skirt.

Visit Jenna’s website, or catch her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Amazon, Goodreads, or Bookbub.




~ Women in Horror Month Part III – rising women writers of urban fantasy and paranormal romance

Today, in recognition of February’s annual Women in Horror Month, we get acquainted with a few up-and-coming writers of urban fantasy and paranormal romance. These authors are members of the Horror Writers Association, the Romance Writers of America – Fantasy, Futuristic, and Paranormal Chapter, the Ladies of Horror Facebook group, or other groups supporting women writers in these genres.

Like me, these writers work hard on both their craft and their publicity. It’s a tough gig, being a writer, but we all do it because we love it (or at least the writing part ☺ ).

Here’s our lineup for today. Please visit the author websites and check out their work. And be sure to click on the book cover images to visit their Amazon pages:

Jenna Barwin – urban fantasy, paranormal romance

Jenna Barwin writes the Hill Vampire novels, which blend mystery, wine, and romantic spice into a heady combination. Dark Wine at Midnight, book 1 in the series, is available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited. Dark Wine at Sunrise, book 2, will be released in March 2018. When not writing, she is known to occasionally attend a Victorian dance in full regalia right down to pantaloons and a hoop skirt.



J.T. Bock – paranormal and science fiction romance

When J.T. Bock was a child, she wanted to be James Bond or Indiana Jones or a vampire hunter or Wonder Woman. Whatever brought her the most action, adventure and romance while play acting on her stage—otherwise known as her grandmother’s basement. Now J.T. has assembled her own team of action heroes, supernatural creatures and maniacal villains and set them on adventures far from her basement to exotic lands and alternate dimensions.



Margaret L. Carter – horror, fantasy, and paranormal romance

Margaret L. Carter holds a PhD in English and specializes in vampires. In addition to her horror, fantasy, and paranormal romance fiction, she has had books and articles published on vampires in literature. She has collaborated on a fantasy series with her husband, and her stories have appeared in the “Darkover” and “Sword and Sorceress” anthologies.




Sorchia DuBois – paranormal romance, gothic romance

Award-winning author Sorchia Dubois lives in the piney forest of the Missouri Ozarks with seven cats, two fish, one dog, and one husband. Her Gothic tales blend magic, mystery, passion, history, a little whisky, and a cat. Visit her website, Sorchia’s Universe, where she shares bits and pieces of Celtic lore that will soon be woven into a story.




Jaime Johnasee – dark urban fantasy

Jaime Johnesee lives in the wilds of Michigan with her husband, two sons, and burgeoning zoo of animals. She spent fourteen years as an actual zookeeper before shifting her focus to writing full time. Best known for her horror comedy series, Bob the Zombie, she is currently authoring the dark urban fantasy series, Samantha Reece Mysteries, for Devil Dog Press.




Pamela K. Kinney / Sapphire Phelan – horror, fantasy, science fiction, urban fantasy, non-fiction / erotic horror, paranormal romance, erotic paranormal romance, erotic urban fantasy

Pamela K. Kinney began listening to the voices in her head and writes urban fantasy, horror, fantasy, and nonfiction ghost books. Her latest is How the Vortex Changed My Life, released September 2017. Under the pseudonym, Sapphire Phelan, she has written erotic and regular paranormal romance, erotic urban fantasy, and erotica horror.



Krista Lynn – paranormal/science fiction romantic suspense

Krista Lynn is a former Geography professor who now writes earthy Paranormal Romantic Suspense. Book #1 of the Canyon Series, Blood Stones: The Haunting of Sunset Canyon was published May, 2017. Cast in Stone, Book #2 will be released fall, 2018. She has several speculative fiction short stories published and her cozy mystery anthology, The Talking Board Mysteries, is in the works for summer, 2019.



A big thank you to all the above authors who participated in today’s event – and for contributing new works to our favorite genres.

For those who missed out on participating, Rising Writers will be a recurring feature on the Author Spotlight column. Please feel free to contact me if you’d like to participate in future events.



~ Women in Horror Month Part II – women writers of today’s urban fantasy


In my last post celebrating February’s annual Women in Horror Month, we looked back at women writers of vampire fiction from the 1980s to the early 2000s.

Today we are going to expand our focus to popular women writers of urban fantasy and paranormal romance, primarily from the 2000s to the present day.

Disclaimer – my reading time is woefully limited, so I confess to not having read most of these. If you have any comments on these writers or their works, please leave them. And if there is a writer who should be on this list and isn’t, please leave their name and the title of their novel or series in the comments as well.

Below is a list of urban fantasy/paranormal romance authors and their most popular books or series:

Kelly Armstrong ~~ Otherworld series (also Bitten TV show; werewolves)
Ilona Andrews ~~ Kate Daniels series (magic)
Annie Bellet ~~ The Twenty-Sided Sorceress series (aka Jade Crow series; magic)
Anne Bishop ~~ The Others series (magic, shapeshifters)
Patricia Briggs ~~ Mercy Thompson series (shapeshifters, werewolves)
Kresley Cole ~~ Immortals After Dark series (PNR)
Jennifer Estep ~~ Elemental Assassin series (magic)
Heather Graham ~~ Krewe of Hunters series (paranormal)
Kim Harrison ~~ The Hollows series (aka Rachel Morgan series; witches, vampires)
Stacia Kane ~~ Downside Ghosts series (aka Chess Putnam series; paranormal)
Sherrilyn Kenyon ~~ Dark Hunter series (PNR)
Karen Marie Moning ~~ Fever series (Barrons, supernatural Irish Fae)
Lilith Saintcrow ~~ Dante Valentine and Jill Kismet series (necromancer; exorcist)
Gena Showalter ~~ Lords of the Underworld series (demons & angels)
Nalini Singh ~~ Psy/Changeling (PNR) and Guild Hunter series (psychics/shapeshifters; archangels)
Carrie Vaughn ~~ Kitty Norville series (werewolves)

And because vampires are in my blood, here is a list of those writers whose stories center around our favorite fanged ones:

Keri Arthur ~~ Riley Jenson series
LA Banks ~~ Vampire Huntress Legend series
ML Brennan ~~ Generation V series
Rachel Caine ~~ Morganville Vampires series
Christine Feehan ~~ Dark series
Jeaniene Frost ~~ Night Huntress series
Barbara Hambly ~~ James Asher series (Those Hunt the Night is a must read!!)
Laurell K Hamilton ~~ Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter series
Charlaine Harris ~~ The Southern Vampire Mysteries (aka Sookie Stackhouse series; alsoTrue Blood TV series)
Faith Hunter ~~ Jane Yellowrock series
Nancy Kilpatrick ~~ Power of the Blood series
Elizabeth Kostova ~~ The Historian (meticulously researched, this is like The DaVinci Code with vampires – a must read)
Robin McKinley ~~ Sunshine (award winning urban fantasy Neil Gaiman called “pretty much perfect.”)
Richelle Mead ~~ Vampire Academy and Bloodlines series
Stephenie Meyer ~~ Twilight Saga series
Chloe Neill ~~ Chicagoland Vampires series
Nora Roberts ~~ Circle trilogy
Lynsay Sands ~~ Argeneau/Rogue Hunter series
LJ Smith ~~ Vampire Diaries series (also The Vampire Diaries and The Originals TV shows)
Jeanne C Stein ~~ Anna Strong Vampire Chronicles
JR Ward ~~ Black Dagger Brotherhood series

Tomorrow’s post will feature up-and-coming writers of urban fantasy and paranormal romance, so be sure to check back. And if you’d like to be included, please contact me. If you miss out on tomorrow’s post, please contact me if you’d like to appear in a future Author Spotlight.

And again, if you have any authors or books you’d like to add to the above lists, please feel free to mention them in a comment.



~ Women in Horror Month Part I – women writers of vampire fiction


The main purpose of the annual Women in Horror Month is to recognize the achievements and contributions of women in the genre, to raise them from the obscurity to which history has so habitually relegated them in all their endeavors.

My contribution to this year’s effort is to highlight the sub-genre of horror I favor the most – urban fantasy.

And in this first post, stories from the 1980s – 2000s revolving specifically around vampires. These are some of the earliest stories which featured vampires as something other than monstrous killers.

Their writers also happen to be the writers who’ve wielded the strongest influence on my own storytelling – and the majority of them are women.

In the 1990s, a movie hit the theaters that changed my perception of the horror genre. And when I read the book, Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire, it opened my eyes to a side of horror which fascinated rather than terrified me. Always an avid reader, I quickly embraced its more subtle assault on my senses.

I wasn’t the only one affected by Rice’s work. The vampire genre exploded in that decade, and there was no shortage of titles on bookstore and library shelves. Modern twists and viewpoints freshened the legend, bringing endless variety to what had been a stagnant theme.

Though I enjoyed works like Kim Newman’s Anno Dracula and George R. R. Martin’s Fevre Dream, it was the vampire fiction written by women that impressed me the most. Several left their mark upon me, and their books still cling to my walls.

Nancy A. Collins‘ Sonja Blue series, beginning with Sunglasses After Dark, features a female vampire—the first I encountered—as she kicks ass on a continual barrage of supernatural bad guys.

In Nancy Baker’s Kiss of the Vampire (aka The Night Inside), a young woman kidnapped as fodder for an imprisoned vampire negotiates a risky bargain with him in order for them both to escape.

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro’s Saint-Germain collection focuses less on the blood-drinking and more on the immortality of her vampire as he moves through time in a series which could easily double as historical fantasy.

My favorite is Elaine Bergstrom’s Austra series. Starting with Shattered Glass, the stories followed an extended family of vampires whose unique traits set them apart from any others I’ve come across.

A discussion of 1990s vampire fiction wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Laurel K. Hamilton‘s Anita Blake series and Tanya Huff‘s Victoria Nelson series (later made into the TV show Blood Ties).

More recently, I discovered several other women writers whose stories have etched themselves into my brain.

The first is Octavia Butler, known more for her edgy science fiction and fantasy. Her 2005 story Fledgling, about a child vampire, delivers a brilliant twist to the legend.

The other is Suzy McKee Charnas and her 1980 Nebula-winning novella, The Unicorn Tapestry (from The Vampire Tapestry). Her character Weyland haunted me for weeks after reading it.

If you haven’t heard of these writers or read their stories, I highly recommend you check them out. There are some real gems here, and no examination of the urban fantasy genre would be complete without them.

In my next post, we’ll look at the urban fantasy writers from the last fifteen years, many of whom are still at the top of the bestsellers’ lists today.

And if you have any favorite authors in this genre, please be sure to list them in the comments!



~ Vampire Book Club feature

Watcher is being featured this week on the Vampire Book Club blog!


The Vampire Book Club, the “Home of the Alpha Showdown, and one-stop shop for urban fantasy, paranormal romance and fantasy news and reviews”, features best-selling urban fantasy/paranormal romance authors such as Christine Feehan, Rachel Caine, Carrie Vaughn, Faith Hunter, and a host of others.

I’m thrilled that Watcher was selected for their excerpt feature.

Here’s what Chelsea Mueller had to say about it:

“Roh Morgon’s The Chosen series brings a nice dose of paranormal romance to a solid urban fantasy framework.

…and that’s the kind of thing we dig around here.”

You can check out the rest of the article, which includes an excerpt from Watcher, here.



~ interview with Sunny Martin from Watcher & Runner

Bonnie Phelps is a romance writer who works tirelessly to promote other authors in the genre on her blog, Bonnie Phelps, Author. With her Character Interviews and her First Kiss Fridays, she provides a great platform to help readers find new books and authors to follow.

Her latest novel is My Sexy Veterinarian, released last summer. And an earlier book, Julia’s Star, was just re-released this month as part of the seventeen-book bundle, Sultry Nights: a Limited Edition Romance Collection.

This week Bonnie’s blog is featuring an interview with Sunny Martin from Watcher and Runner, Books I & II of The Chosen. You can check it out here.

And trust me, that interview was not easy to obtain. It took quite a bit of persuasion to convince Sunny to do the interview, and she ended up bolting before it was done.

Go check it out, and be sure to check out Bonnie’s books while you’re at it.



~ the new website is finally here!

Welcome to my new home!

Today is the launch day of my new website and blog.

I’m proud of my new site and am glad to finally catch up a bit with current tech.

Many thanks to Bob Perea of The Creative Bees for his tireless efforts to build this site and transfer over the archived posts. He’s done a great job bringing my vision for the site to life, and I’m grateful for all of the work he’s done.

Fans of The Chosen series will find a section on the site just for them that includes further exploration of the characters and The Chosen world. I plan to expand this section with additional character profiles, lineage histories, and other material relating to The Chosen while continuing work on the next story in the series, Seeker: Book III of The Chosen.

Upcoming features on the blog include the addition of a Writers’ Desk, Readers’ Corner, and Author Spotlight columns.

So look around and let me know what you think about the new site. We’re still working out a few kinks, so if you notice anything odd about the way it displays on your media device or browser of choice, let me know. And if you’d like to see something added to the site or the blog, be sure to drop me a line. You can reach me via my fancy new Contact the Author form.



~ and in with the new



I can’t believe it’s here already. It seems the older I get, the faster the years fly by.

Most folks welcome the new year with a list of resolutions. But I prefer to call it my list of goals, and the first one is to get back to writing.

I have several projects I’m working on, one of which is a young adult fantasy that I hope to publish this spring.

And with Watcher and Runner behind me, I can now focus on the next book in the series—Seeker: Book III of The Chosen.

I actually wrote a scene in Seeker for a workshop last year. In that scene, Sunny meets someone who she believes will assist her in her journey. But not all is as Sunny first perceives, and as friend becomes foe, Sunny comes face to face with an old enemy as well.

My recent trip to Romania will provide part of the setting for this book.

I’m excited to embark on these next chapters in Sunny’s life, meet new characters, and get re-acquainted with old. As Sunny ventures deeper into The Chosen world, the lessons she learned from Colin will be instrumental in keeping her alive. I’m looking forward to discovering the challenges she’ll be facing along with the choices she’ll be forced to make to survive.

Besides working on Seeker, I have a few challenges of my own to face:

  • Marketing and promotion – now that there are four stories published in the series (The Last Trace and The Games Monsters Play are related novellas), I feel it’s time to do some serious marketing. My biggest challenge will be learning the ins and outs of Amazon and Facebook ads. Publicist Beverly Bambury is helping me with blog appearances and Instagram, and I’m planning to have a more frequent presence on Twitter. All of this takes time, so I will be looking for folks who can help me with this vital part of the writing business.
  • Website overhaul – Bob Perea of The Creative Bees has been building a new website which will fully integrate social media, SEO, and all the bells and whistles to help bring me into the modern age. There will be a bit of a learning curve as I assume maintenance of the site, but Bob’s promised to help me in the transition. I’m looking forward to utilizing the site to flesh out The Chosen world for readers who want to know more about it beyond the books.
  • Newsletter—I’m developing a quarterly newsletter which will contain project updates and excerpts from works in progress. The first one will go out by the end of January.
  • Speculative Fiction Writers – I belong to a writers’ cooperative that is dedicated to promoting speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, and horror). We feature columns on writing craft, marketing, publishing, and promoting speculative fiction, and will be opening up the site this year for short story submissions. Our challenge is to develop a site that will draw both readers and writers, and our co-op members bring a variety of talents to help make that possible.
  • Yosemite Romance Writers – the YRW monthly meetings in Fresno feature speakers on a variety of topics from finding an agent to writing craft to self-publishing. This year I’m sharing the responsibility of lining up those speakers, and I’m looking forward to helping coordinate their appearances (both in-person and online) at this year’s meetings.

That’s it for now. Hopefully you’ll read my next post on the new website!

Happy New Year to all!