~Women in Horror Month

Well? Did you notice I used proper capitalization in the post title?

I never do that.

But I did today, and will for the rest of February.

That’s because this is Women in Horror Month, and out of respect, I will behave like a professional writer and use proper punctuation.

But only in my blog title. No promises about the rest of my ramblings.

So you might be asking what this Women in Horror Month is all about.

It’s just that – celebrating women artists whose works, from film to art to literature, disturb you in some way.

For those of you unfamiliar with the genre, I’d like to clarify what horror means.

Merriam-Webster and Oxford dictionaries offer several definitions of horror. I’ve combined them:

  • horror: a very strong feeling of fear, dread, shock, disgust, or dismay

As you can see, horror does not necessarily mean gruesome or terrifying.

In reading my work, you will experience little fear, dread, or disgust, though non-horror readers do sometimes have issues with the images I paint of torn throats and coursing blood.

And jars.

Okay, I’ll admit it. The jars are a little creepy.

As for feeling shock and dismay? Yes. Regret? Plenty. And that constriction in your chest working its way up your throat? The prickling skin electrifying your scalp and that sudden intake of breath? That you might experience as my characters face appalling choices and devastating losses—provided I’ve done my job as a writer.

Horror can take many forms. Women writers excel in all, though they are particularly adept at exploring the more subtle emotions in what I like to call “quiet horror.”

Even if horror isn’t your normal cup of tea, read some of the stories by women being highlighted around the web this month. You might find a flavor you like.

Women in Horror Month is being celebrated by a number of online blogs and resources. Below are a few which are featuring guest posts, interviews, short stories, and promotions in support for those of us who write horror literature.

  • Sirens Call Publications – their online magazine of edgy fiction, Sirens Call eZine, has devoted their February issue (#13) to women’s short stories, photography, and promotions
  • Natasha Ewent’s Blog – in addition to articles and interviews, Natasha is showcasing women writers in a series of guest posts

I’ll add to this list as the month progresses. In the meantime, check out the above sites. You might discover a new author whose work sends a chill or two up your spine.

Oh, and BTW – I’m appearing in several of the above sites. Both the Sirens Call eZine and Nina’s Spreading the Writer’s Word blog have featured me and my work so far this month!