~back again

Life sometimes doesn’t go where we expect it.

I’d thought I’d be in Colorado this fall, signing books and fundraising for the Waldo Canyon relief efforts.

But such was not to be.

Other things happened, some writerly stuff, but mostly just life stuff.

I became very caught up in story submissions for a couple of anthologies. Alas, the short story I thought had the most potential for acceptance was rejected.

Oh, well. That’s the life of a writer.

A novella I received back from my editor has taken far more time to re-write than I expected. I actually have formed a love-hate relationship with this story, but I know the changes are for the better. My hopes for submitting it for the Bram Stoker Awards have faded as the deadline for voting rapidly approaches, and since a version of it has already been published, it won’t be eligible for next year. It’s too bad – it’s a pretty cool and unusual story, but my skill wasn’t quite up to telling it properly the first time around. Once I finish implementing the suggestions from my editor, the story will be much improved and a more engaging read for my readers.

All of this has slowed my progress on Runner. The story is coming along nicely, but I’ve had to move my target publishing date to the Spring of 2013. For those of you who are waiting for it, I am sorry and will make it up to you.

Keep a watch here for sneak previews and other tidbits from Sunny’s world.