~wintery winner!

Today is Saturday!

Today’s the day of the *Snowfest* Blogfest participant drawing for a copy of Watcher: Book I of The Chosen. Inclusion in the drawing required the entrant to post a snowy scene or story on their blog.

We ended up with nine entrants (go figure – what is it with the nines?).

I used a really cool tool from RANDOM.ORG to randomly select a winner.

And the winner is…

Rob Lopez of Forsaken Stars!

His entry is titled…wait for it…

Ninth Circle

(Rob just reminded me of this)

Can you believe it! I’m telling you, nine is so closely woven into anything having to do with Watcher that it’s downright spooky sometimes.

Oh, and I guess I should also mention the fact that Rob’s Ninth Circle just happens to be a vampire story.

It gets weirder and weirder all the time.

This will definitely go into the Watcher Weirdness archive (yes, there is such an archive, ‘cuz there is a lot of really strange things that have happened since this story took over my life).

Anyhow, congratulations, Rob!

Once again, thank you, everyone, for participating in the *Snowfest* Blogfest!

Which, by the way, was held on a nine-day. Would you expect anything else?

3 thoughts on “~wintery winner!

  1. Wow! Thanks, Roh! I can`t believe my luck! And here I was just happy to participate with such a talented bunch of folks! Can`t wait to sink my teeth into Watcher!

    1. You’re welcome, Rob!

      Glad you enjoyed the blogfest, and thanks for participating!

      It’s kinda cool that a vampire story ended up being the winner…

  2. Darn; I really wanted to win 🙁

    Congratulations to you Rob. I enjoyed your snowfest story 🙂

    And thanks again roh for the awesome writing prompt. It was loads of fun.


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