~kissing the clouds

Yeah. That’s where I am. High in the sky, kissing the clouds.

It’s amazing how much impact one person can have on the life another.

Watcher just received its first review from a professional in the industry. A writer and publisher for the last 24 years, Shannon Riley runs Southern Rose Productions.

Shannon contacted me in response to a mailer I sent out to members of the Horror Writers Association and requested a copy of Watcher to review.

Here’s what she posted on Amazon:


“If you think there is nothing new, fresh and original in vampire fiction, you haven’t read Watcher: Book 1 of the Chosen, the debut novel by Roh Morgon. I am not particularly a fan of traditional vampire stories, but I found this incredible book more engrossing than anything I have read in the genre in years. The reasons are not only the suspenseful and well written tale, but its potent underlying themes.”

“Sunny Martin is attacked and ravaged by an inhuman being who leaves her clinging to life and with an ravenous thirst for blood. In her half-human state, she determines that, for her beloved seventeen-year-old daughter’s sake, she must allow the girl to believe her mother is dead. Yet Sunny’s love for her child and her loneliness drives Sunny to stalk her daughter, hungry for whatever glimpses of her she can get. Five years later, when Sunny’s granddaughter is born, the sight of the child’s sweet face intensifies Sunny’s longing, and the separation from her family becomes almost more than she can bear. Sunny flees the state, hoping to begin her life anew.”

“She meets Nicolas, leader of a secret society, whose love for her may be able to fill the void in her heart, yet to bond with him, she must make the Change that would destroy the part of herself that remains human and give up her daughter and grandchild forever.”

“I loved this book, not only because I was able to identify immediately with the heroine, but because the premise is so undeniably true: Love does not always conquer all, and true happiness cannot be found unless one is true to him or her self.”

“Watcher: Book 1 of the Chosen is a suspenseful story told with such skill I wanted to consume it in a single read. This is a level of skill and professionalism seldom found in first novels, and I predict great things ahead for this writer.”

“Move over Anne Rice, a new “Queen of the Damned” is born. ”

—Shannon Riley, writer and publisher


When I read that, I have to admit it made me cry.

Shannon and I have corresponded several times since she finished Watcher, and, well… I’m blown away by her praise.

All my fears of whether or not my writing was good enough, my storytelling good enough, evaporated with the assessment of this industry professional.

It’s hard not to crave validation when you’re first starting out in any venture. Beginners need some indication of whether or not they’re on the right track. Friends and family offer encouragement to keep newbies going, but the feedback from an established professional is critical to the continuing evolution of the fledgling.

Well, this fledgling has taken to the air, and her first flight looks to be a success.

I know there will probably be other reviews not quite so glowing, because, after all, each reader interprets a story based on their own life experiences and desires.

But I will never forget this one and the generous encouragement from an experienced member of my new flock.

Now it’s time to learn how to fly.


~Roh, still kissing the clouds

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