I love them.

Well, unless they’re a bad surprise. Which really makes them more of shock.

But being the optimist that I am (though you wouldn’t know it from my dark writing), I naturally think of surprises as being good.

This one was. It was one of those surprise so good you can’t quite believe your eyes and you stop and say ‘no way!’ and ‘how cool’ and you almost fall out of your chair.

Yeah, one of THOSE surprises.

The other night, I visited the Horror Writers Association blog to catch up on their latest posts. As I was reading, the graphic at the top of the page was scrolling a collection of book covers. My eyes happened to drift upward just in time to see Watcher makes its leisurely way across the screen!


I watched the covers march by, and – lo and behold! – those red eyes staring out from the stark black strutted across the stage once again. It was the ninth book <grin>.

The third time I was ready and captured it with a screen shot:




Now, those of you who follow my blog know that I’m not really all that happy with Watcher’s cover. It was only meant to be a temporary ARC cover (Advance Reading Copy), and will be eventually be replaced with imagery that fits the vision in my mind.

That said, I still felt the burst of pride parents feel when their child appears in the school play. You just want to elbow your neighbor and say, “Hey, that’s MY kid up there!”

So yeah, my kid’s in the play. In fact, it was on Christmas Day when Watcher took center stage and the spotlight shined (shone?) on my first-born:




Pretty cool, huh?!

Yeah. That’s MY kid in the spotlight <nudge, nudge>. Go watch her dance across the stage yourself, and check her out as she takes center stage.

Have a great 2012. I know mine’s off to a galloping start.

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