~this week's musical treat – 20 december 2010

Not too long ago, I posted about the trouble I was having starting a new WIP, and how hearing a song called Circadian Rhythm by Sun Volt triggered the opening scene I’d been searching for (see finding the spark ).

Circadian Rhythm is a plaintive, soul-searching kind of song that really describes Sullivan (the main character) and where he’s at in this part of his life. It’s his theme song, and has provided the background tone for much of the early part of the story.

But lately another song has come to my attention for Sullivan. I don’t know if I recently heard it on the radio or what, but it’s been playing non-stop in my head for weeks. I finally relented, downloaded it, and made it part of Sullivan’s playlist. Though the song is from the ’70s, its emotion is timeless.

It’s called I’m Eighteen by Alice Cooper. Let’s just say it’s a good one for the occasions when Sullivan’s feeling pissed off at the world.

For your listening pleasure…

What songs remind you of your characters?

Do you have songs for when they’re down, angry, in love?

Does music help you flesh out their emotions?

3 thoughts on “~this week's musical treat – 20 december 2010

  1. I have a whole list of songs I play for each of my characters to set the right mood. It changes depending on their mood and the scene I’m working on.

    Music is essential to my writing.

    I’m 18 is a good song for a young rebel figuring things out.

    BTW have a good holiday Roh.


    1. Hey, Donna! Yeah, music is essential to my writing as well. So much so, that I can’t listen to certain songs from my playlists anymore without going to that emotional place the character was in.

      Thanks for stopping by. Have a good holiday as well!

  2. Well, you know how important music is to me and my WiP’s. Can’t write a book without it 😉

    Haven’t heard that song in ages!

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