~boo :(


As in ‘boo-hoo’.

The month of Boo is over, done, finis. No more costume parties, no more Halloween spoofs on TV, no more boo.

This year’s Halloween was a blast. I was lucky enough to attend FIVE costume events over the course of three weeks, traveling well over 1,700 miles to do so. Now five may not sound like much to those who live in large cities, but for those of us in the cultural wasteland of Central California, that’s a lot. And only one of those events actually took place in said cultural wasteland. The others required driving to the Coast and to L.A. – hence, the 1,700 miles.

But the other thing that made this year’s Halloween fun was the Monster Mash Blogfest. The entries were amazing. Some were humorous, some were spooky, and some were downright creepy. A few were by folks who don’t normally write of monsters and things in the dark, but they rose to the challenge and put forth stellar works.

Go here for the list of entrants and visit their blogs to check out their stories. I’m sure you’ll find them quite entertaining, and they’ll either bring a smile to your face or make your skin crawl.

And to those of you who participated – thank you for bringing your characters to the Monster Mash. I enjoyed meeting them and hope you’ll bring them by for the next party.

5 thoughts on “~boo :(

    1. Yes, Janet, it’s sad when the costumes are consigned to their storage-coffins. Maybe that’s why I enjoy writing about supernatural creatures – it’s a way to keep Halloween going all year long!

  1. Thank you for hosting Monster Mash. It was really the most Halloweeny thing I did this year, which was fun for sure, but certainly made me long for years past when I would actually CELEBRATE Halloween, as opposed to nodding politely in its direction every October 31…

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