~yeah, thru saturday!

Thanks, Drea, for this picture!  I’m so glad you posted the link to this! It’s perfect!

And yes, the Back-to-School Daze Blogfest is still happenin’ today and tomorrow! And there’s even class on Saturday!

This is to allow all those who couldn’t complete their homework on time to turn it in and still get credit for it.

It’s also to give all those teachers time to read the assignments and give ’em grades.

I know THIS particular reader is jammed right now between work and getting everything ready to attend the Central Coast Writers Conference that starts tomorrow.

Then on Sunday,  I have a booth at the Central Coast Book & Author Festival. I’m selling/giving away copies of Fur Before Feathers (the short story my blogfest entry is excerpted from). Here’s the cover that my good friend Paula Zima did for it:

Cool, huh?!

I also had bookmarks made from the cover:  one of Sanders w/ the falcon and the mouse, the other of the panther.

I’m so jazzed about this Festival. Paula and I are sharing a booth. I’m promoting my writing and she’s promoting her amazing artwork. I’m also on the schedule to do readings from my stories. They gave me 15 minutes, so I’ll be reading bits from both Watcher and Fur Before Feathers.

Speaking of readings, I need to read a few more blogfest entries and then I’m off to pack!

6 thoughts on “~yeah, thru saturday!

  1. Wow, so very exciting!!!

    all the best for the conf, for your reading, and the sales!

    The anthology in which one of my stories appears is being launched tomorrow, and I am super-excited too!

  2. Hi Roh, I’m back from Never-Never Land, or wherever. I just wanted to drop in and say that I saw you tied for 3rd in the Secret Agent Contest a few weeks back. Congrats – you so deserve it! I hope it brings you great things 🙂

  3. Wow, this trip sounds exciting. I was a bit lazy on the blogfest, but did post something. I haven’t been surfing as much as usual lately.

    I hope the trip was fun and profitable. I have an award for you over at my blog.


  4. Damyanti – Thanks! And congratulations on your story appearing in the anthology! I’ll be sure to stop by your blog to get the details.

    Janet and J.C. – Thank you! They’ve given me 15 minutes of reading – hope I can keep from putting my foot in my mouth for that long!

    Tara – Hi Tara, and welcome back. And thanks for the congrats – it was very exciting for Watcher to place out of so many entries (44!)

    Donna – yes, the trip was exciting…and exhausting. I almost didn’t get an entry in for my own blogfest, so I totally understand. It’s tough to keep up with the blogworld, that’s for sure.

    And thank you for my award!

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