Ah – today is a ‘nine’ day. For those of you who aware of numerology, today is very fortuitous, depending on your perspective.

Now I’m not a numerologist and don’t really know much about it. So to those of you who spot flaws in my methodology, I apologize. I approach it very simply and not very scientifically, and I’m okay with that.

My special numbers are 3 and 9. The number 9 especially, because it is…3 3s!

Today is March 21, 2010 or, 3/21/2010.

When you add those numbers:


You get…9!

So, today is a 9.

It’s very tempting to submit Watcher today. But it’s with an editor and I need to wait until it’s ready.

Speaking of Watcher, the number 9 figures very prominently in that story. Whether we’re talking about the Council of Nine, or Sunny is checking the time and sees that it’s 4:05, the number 9 is buried everywhere throughout.

The Forbidden Doorway series revolves around 3. There’s not as many  references to 3 as there are to 9 in Watcher, but they are there.

Stay tuned for more posts on this topic. I have something special planned regarding the numbers in both series once they are published.

In the meantime, check out the dates and times of my posts. If you find any that don’t add up to 9 (date+time), let me know.

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